Frequently Asked Questions:

About Mjartan Company

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  • arrow_drop_downWhere are you from? link
    Prievidza, Slovakia

Purchasing Our Products

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    We are producers and wholesalers only. This means we do not sell individual shoes. We are, however, planning to show a map of our customers so that the end customers can find the closest shop to them. In case you are interested in buying from us as a retailer, distributor, eshop and so forth, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Purchasing products directly from production

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    Most of the product have MOQ of 180 pairs. Some products have MOQ of 60p (line 37xx). In some cases with MOQ of 180p we can lower the MOQ, but the price will be 25% higher.

Purchasing products from wholesale

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    First you have to request permission to access wholesale section. This is a very simple - please go to wholesale section and fill out a basic form:

    Please let us know about your business and ideally also include your company details (company name, VAT, billing address, shipping address, contact person). This way we can create an account for you and give you access to the wholesale section.

    After you get access you will be able to see what we have in stock. Simply go to wholesale section. You should see products we have in stock (after we give you access) there. For example:

    You can add a product you like to your basket by pressing the basket button: 

    Then you should see available assortments, for example:


    You set the desired amount by pressing  and  (or by writing the quantity manually). Then you add products to your basket by pressing the 'Add to Basket' button: 

    Afterwards you should see the product in your basket. You can find your basket in top right corner:


    After clicking on the basket you will see its contents, for example:


    When you are happy with your selection you just click 'Confirm Basket' button - 


    We will take it from there and in case we need any further info we will contact you.